YGLF is a community event built by developers for developers
24-25 May 2018To be announced | Kyiv, Ukraine
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The largest international frontend conference in Ukraine originated from Tel-Aviv is happening for the fourth time.24-25 May, Kyiv

1 Who We Are

This Year

This non-profit conference is aimed at delivering high-quality content on the hottest topics that cutting edge Frontend developers need to know.

For the first time ever, YGLF is coming to Kyiv, the amazing European capital city of Ukraine.

This is our first international Front End conference on such a scale. People called us crazy, but by bringing internationally recognized speakers, we’re going to break the wall that separates the huge East European Frontend community from the rest of the world.

We hope you'll enjoy our efforts, community involvement and - of course - all the knowledge that will be shared.

In 2017 at the third run of the conference, we gladly hosted world-class Frontend gurus who gave terrific talks.

2 Good Vibes

The Team

A small group of super dedicated people, working hard around the clock to make the most stunning conference ever. During YGLF Conference, you can find a member of the team at the registration desk at all times. Don't hesitate to come and talk to us, if you need any assistance.

Marina Sol

Former music student, current software engineering student. Front-end developer, digital nomad and art lover.

Andrei Sierkov

Front-end developer, beginner speaker, coffee lover and dancer.

Kate Pozdnysheva

The project manager who has a great experience of organizing completely different (large and small) technological events at Yandex.

Yuri Tkachenko

Front-end engineer, @kyivjs co-organizer, community guy, nonprofessional drums player, learning double bass as a hobby too.

Sergey Frolov

Front-end engineer, @kyivjs, @beerjskyiv, @angularkyiv co-organizer, coffee lover, digital nomad.

Polina Popovychuk

Being in events, planning and organizing for years, making ppl happy and productive at my everyday job, calligraphy enthusiast, snowboard rider, bookworm and dog lover.